Catholic Meme
$ 20.00

Color: white
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100% Cotton


Catholic Meme

This design is a Modern humoristic twist to the popular MEMES, using a funny joke refering to the story of Noah's Ark!

Noah trusted God and God gave him the plans for making the boat which was called an ark. When the ark was finished Noah's family climbed in and left the door open. Soon animals and birds and all and creeping creatures made their way to Noah's ark. What a sight it was! The noise was enough to bring Noah's neighbors out to watch and shake their heads all over again. There were lions roaring, donkeys braying, dogs barking, birds singing and sheep bleating. Two by two, the animals entered the ark, all different types and shapes and sizes. Tiny worms wiggled, horses pranced and rabbits hopped.

Genesis 6:5-22

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